Leading the Race

Mabey Hire 1:44:72
Axter QA 1:51:90
JG 2:02:97
Skanska 2:05:42
Ginger 2:09:33
Phoenix 2:21:13
Smoulding 2:25:56
T+T 2:28:43
Murphysurveys 2:37:06
Bamster 2:41:78
Gecko 2:44:12
Team Davo 2:44:87
DC 3:11:31
PJ 3:58:62
GHT 0:23:37
Team Takeoff 0:57:23
Katapuma 1:16:98
Abdool 1:21:44
BBR 1:50:41
Collinson 1:54:00
Ironman 2:02:28
Sami Squared 2:04:22
TRAC 2:26:71
The Lambes 2:38:22
Team PJ 2:40:12
NTV 2:31:35
Conquest 0:59:91
MBP 1:02:30
QRN 1:15:15
DOE 1:15:22
BiD Services 1:31:15
Dyson 1:39:78
Bassett 1:47:37
Boffins 1:57:95
Totally Confident 1:58:19
Poly 1 2:17:00
UNI 2:29:44
GD 2:38:72
Modularize 2:49:84
UBIQUE 3:13:33
Space hopper 3:44:23
Space hopper 2 3:50:47
bbbb 4:54:13

Congratulations to our Bluebeam Challenge Champions of 2017

Bluebeam Challenge Champion Team

Boffins from The Boffin Lab

Bluebeam Challenge Champion

Redford from GHT

About the Bluebeam Challenge

Now in its second year, the Bluebeam Challenge invites visitors at UK Construction Week to test their skills. Competitors will race against the clock to complete an easy and intuitive challenge using Bluebeam Revu.

Sign up for a time slot below to secure your spot to compete. We look forward to seeing you from 10–12 October at stand C 414.

Challenge Rules and FAQ

Who can compete?

Anyone! The challenge is open to both individuals and teams of two players. Sign up for a time slot now and make sure to register for UK Construction Week prior to the event.

Do I need to know how to use Revu?

No. Both experienced Revu users and those new to Revu are welcome to compete. If you want to get ahead of your competition, get familiar with Revu before the challenge. Download a free 30-day trial today.

What’s the format?

We will run the challenges on a continual basis. Once you’re checked in, you’ll race against the clock in the challenge of the day. The best way to make sure you get a chance to compete is to sign up for a time slot today. You are also welcome to just drop by our stand any time to see if we have an opening.

When and where can you find us?

Show: UK Construction Week, Civils Expo

Stand: C 414

Dates: 10–12 October 2017

Times: 9.00 AM–5.00 PM

Stay in the know and book your time slot today

Select up to three time slots to compete in the Bluebeam Challenge.

  • Pick your Time Slot

You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

In order to be eligible to compete in the Bluebeam Challenge, you need to be a registered visitor of UK Construction Week. Attendance at UK Construction Week is free.